Using the Virtual Terminal

The Virtual Terminal is an option for merchants who wish to run a transaction when the card and customer information is available. It is similar to a purchase page that one might encounter on any eCommerce site, but there are a few exceptions, which are described herein.


If more than one site has been created in the system, it will have to be specified.  The selection of the site will consequentially affect which merchant accounts and products manifest in the other available fields.

Merchant Account

Select the merchant account that will be used to process the transaction. The options available will depend on which site was selected.


The currencies available in the drop-down selection will depend on which merchant account has been selected.

Add Subscription

If subscription / membership products have been set up in the portal for the selected site, then they will appear in this drop-down selection box.

Unique Order Number

This is an optional field to be used at a merchant's discretion.  It can be used to uniquely identify the order in a way that is friendly to the merchant's data nomenclature.


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