Account Status
Active or Terminated
Account Type
There are three types of user account:
  1. Standard - A standard user with access to all sections that have been granted permissions.
  2. Admin - Similar to Standard user, but can access and change settings of other users.
  3. Machine - Specific to API use. Portal navigation is limited. The password does not expire.
  4. Primary - Typically the first user. This account can't be terminated.
Reset Password
This sends a new temporary password to the user's email address
Account Log
Shows dates and changes pertaining to the portal user

Last Update Timestamp
An update is any action made to the user account

Last Request Timestamp
A request is any action performed by the user

Last Request IP Address
Location from which portal user account was last used
The email address is also the login name for the portal user

Phone Number
These are optional attributes which could be useful in the event that a portal user needs to be contacted by a method other than email.

Local Currency
Displays the currency of the portal user's choosing
Local Timezone
This setting enables a user to see transaction time data displayed in the user's own time zone.
Merchant Account Display
Determines the appearance of merchant accounts in the portal.
Enable Daylight Savings Time
Adjusts the reporting time by one hour during daylight savings time.

Site Permissions

You can set the following permissions on a per site basis. Turning each of these on or off affects whether or not the user is able to access those items.  In most cases, it will affect their visibility as well.

Anti Fraud Controls
Virtual Terminal
Sales Report
Approval Report
Chargeback Report
Issuer Report

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