Fraud Toolkit

Merchants can exercise additional control over transactions with the Fraud Toolkit.

Limit List Management

To add or remove data on the whitelist or blacklist, select the option and enter the data when applicable. The Billing Country and IPGeo Country blacklists and whitelists provide a dropdown list options, so the information needn't be manually entered.

Global Fraud Admin

Sometimes a merchant's developer other team member may need to submit a series of transactions while testing connectivity and integration with Inovio's gateway. Repeated attempts are sometimes flagged by velocity and other types of anti-fraud thresholds. IP addresses entered here will be immune to such checks.

Site-Specific Blocking

Either for all of a merchant's sites, or on a per-site basis, controls may be set which permit or dent transactions meeting or failing to meet configured criteria.

Turn On/Off Limit Lists

If Inovio's Limit List Management tool is being used, they can be enabled or disabled as needed.  Additionally, merchants may opt to use Inovio's global blacklist.  For more information on blacklists, contact Inovio Client Support.

Repeat Purchase Limits

Most of these settings are velocity checks against various criteria, using metrics of the merchant's choosing.  More details are available in the section Fraud Toolkit: Repeat Purchase Limits.

AVS and CVV Verification




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