Account Status
This will be "Active" or "Terminated."
Account Type
Primary: The first user created for your business in the portal.
Admin: Able to set permissions for other users, and create users as well
Standard: Unable to edit permissions on other users
Change Password / Send Password
If you are logged in and on your profile page, you are able to change your password here.
Meanwhile, if the profile you are viewing is another user you will see an option to send a password reset to that user. The user will receive a temporary password, and will be prompted to create a new one.
Account Log
This log will reveal the dates your account was accessed (usually by you unless the system took an action) and what actions were taken on the account.
Account Created
Date the user account was created
Last Update Timestamp
 Last time that a portion of the user's data has been changed,
Last Request Timestamp
Date that the user last submitted data to and api. Commonly displayed with "Machine" type users.
Last Request IP Address
Location from which the last request was received.
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