Merchant Accounts: Accounts

The Accounts section is where new merchant accounts can be set up, and existing merchant accounts can be viewed and configured.

Merchant Account View

Once a merchant account has been selected from the list, the properties and configuration of the merchant account are displayed.  To the left are configurations and options regarding the handling of the merchant account by Inovio. On the right are a couple of charts for information purposes, indicating the revenue attributed to the merchant account, and the account's current chargeback ratio.



Enabled: Toggle to enable to disable a merchant account's use.  If it is set to off, all transaction types made against this account will fail.

Account Name: An arbitrary name assigned to the account at the time of creation. This name appears in the main list of merchant accounts.

External ID: Another arbitrary name, determined by the merchant. This can be changed at at will.

Payment Type: The payment method support by the merchant account, such as credit card, check, boleto.

Acquirer: The acquirer for the merchant account. Not a required field.

Agent: Optional. Agent responsible for the account.

Currencies: Interface for viewing and altering desired currencies to be processed on the merchant account. Click on the currencies you wish for the gateway to support and then click "Save". Be certain that the merchant account supports the selected currencies.

Card Brands: Select which card brands you wish to support through the merchant account and click "Save"

Sites: The site-to-merchant account relationship can be important. If an account-to-site assignment has not been set to "On" then a transaction attempt consisting of that merchant account and site combination will fail.

Descriptor and Descriptor Phone - If dynamic descriptors have been approved for the merchant account, these can be assigned on a per-site basis on this screen.


Requirements: Use this interface to require specific information with all transaction attempts against that merchant account. Transaction attempts will be rejected if they do not include the checked properties in this section.

Chargeback Options: Select what additional actions you would like Inovio's system to take when a chargeback is issued against the merchant account.

Notes: Optional. This could be information such as the email address of an acquiring agent, a change that was made, or a note regarding an unusual condition of the account.


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