Customer Profile: Orders

The Orders segment of the Customer Profile screen lists the orders which have been placed with that Customer ID.

Orders can be viewed individually in a detailed view by clicking on the Order ID.


Column Descriptions

Order ID
An incremental ID created as purchase requests are submitted to the gateway

External ID
An ID for the order that has been passed into the gateway by the merchant

Auth Date
Date the order occurred

Pay Type
Credit Card (CC) or online check (ACH)

Billing Number
First six digits and last four digits of account number used

Auth Value
Submitted amount of the order

Order Value
Amount of the order after adjustments such as credits, partial credits, or partial captures

Settle Value
The final amount captured for the order

Currency Requested
Currency type submitted to the gateway

Currency Settled
Merchant account currency

Status of the order, such as "Approved" or "Declined"

AVS check information

Website name to corresponding Site ID that was submitted with the order.

Apply a chargeback to the order. Additional actions are available when applying a chargeback.

  • Cancel all related subscriptions
  • Blacklist subscription payment data: blacklists the account number used and prevents future purchase attempts
  • Blacklist email address: prevent all transactions which include the emailaddress
  • Blocks the IP addressed used at the time of signup. Given the dynamic nature of some ISP's this option should be used with greater discrimination.

Reverse the order. If the order has not yet settled, it will be voided. If has settled, a credit will be issued instead.

Capture an authorized transaction


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