A product is a price point that is connected to a unique identifier.  All purchase requests sent to the Inovio gateway require a product ID. 

Types of Product

Product types fall into two behavioral categories: Subscriptions and rebills managed by Inovio, Merchant Products, and Variable Price Products.

Subscriptions and Rebills Managed by Inovio

A Membership product has properties that trigger rebill attempts by Inovio on behalf of the merchant. It is a common product type for subscription business models where a customer is charged in regular intervals.

The Comp (complimentary) product also has behaviors handled by Inovio, and set by the merchant. It always has an amount of zero dollars.  This is useful when a merchant wants to grant free access for a customer, but does not want to send real transaction data to their bank, as some processors will not work with transactions for zero dollars.

Merchant Products

There are no expectations of Inovio to handle any rebills with this product type.  Inovio will still enforce any price point attached to these products.  Membership information such as customer username and customer password can also be submitted with these products.

Variable Price Products

Transactions with variable priced products must declare the amount of the purchase since there is no price point attached to the Product ID. This is the most common type of product used, as many merchants have CRM's which handle transaction and subscription processes.

Product Properties

Name: A description of the product.  Once set, this can be seen in two locations: 1) the product list view, which displays in the first column of the products list screen, and 2) on the Inovio hosted purchase page, if it is used in conjunction with an applicable product ID.

Type: Described above. Other options should change, depending on the type of product displayed.

Trial Product: If checked, this product may only be used once per customer

Product Status: Active or Inactive.  Transaction attempts on inactive products will be declined.

Merchant Product: In addition to the unique numeric ID that is assigned to a product when it is created, merchants may opt to assign their own ID here. This can be particularly useful when creating relationships between Inovio products and other systems that have already assigned their own ID's to price points, such as some online shopping carts.

Product Renews: Property specific to memberships. Indicates whether or not a subscription will be rebilled by Inovio.

Frequency: Set the metric of how often the rebill will occur in terms of minutes, days, months, or years.

Renews to: a product can renew to itself at the same price point, or it can renew to another product that has previously been created.  Existing active products will be available for selection in this dropdown list.


Image: Membership Product


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