Much of the Sites settings of the portal relate how a Site / Site ID affect other products or features. The Sites section is divided into five tabs.

Site Info

Most of the information in this tab has a direct affect on Inovio's hosted purchase page.

Description: For a merchant's internal use and reference

Site Page DBA: Descriptor information. Inovio's hosted page will display this to the customer:

"This charge will appear on your cardholder statement as [your data here]."

Homepage/URL: Web address of the merchant's site.

Members' Entrance URL: Merchants with subscription business models that also use Inovio's hosted page may want to enter the URL of the member area of the site. This URL is displayed to a customer after a successful purchase on Inovio's hosted page.

Privacy Policy URL: URL of privacy disclaimers and information

Terms of Service URL: Link to Terms and Conditions

Support Info

The settings in this tab also influence Inovio's hosted page, but

Support URL: Adds a hyperlink to the provided URL at the bottom of the page.

Toll Free Support Phone: Adds the phone number provided to the bottom of the hosted page

Outside US Support Phone: Adds the phone number provided to the bottom of the hosted page

2257 URL: Sets a hyperlink for the URL provided, with text reading "18 U.S.C 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement"

Owned and Operated by: The hosted page displays this as:

"This site is Owned & Operated by [your data here] "


The AntiFraud tab provides configuration options for merchants wishing to forcibly allow or deny transactions.  For more information, see the section Fraud Toolkit.

Merchant Accounts

Here the selected site can be assigned to merchant accounts.  This site-to-merchant account relationship is required.  If it is not set, the transaction will decline and return a related error message.  For more information, see the section Merchant Accounts: Accounts.



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